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You’ve been playing
way too small
and you know it.


It’s great that everyone who works
with you raves about what an expert you are.

How you’ve changed their life.
How they’re flourishing after working with you.

Yet you know something’s missing
because your business has been
at a plateau for quite some time.

A little voice inside your head has
been whispering to you:

“Maybe this is it. Maybe this is as high
as I’m meant to go.”

You’ve been playing
way too small
and you know it.


It’s your time and you know it.
Deep down, you know you haven’t fulfilled
your true potential...yet.

You’re meant to play at a higher level.

You’re destined to have a greater impact
on the world. And you know that, in order to get there,
you need more people to know that you exist.

If you simply increased your audience size,
you could help so many more people.
The inner flame inside you is dying to come out.

And people need to hear your story.
Because when they do, it creates a huge win/win.

Your story and expertise will help
more people and, in doing so, your business
will begin to grow... fast.

One of the fastest,
easiest ways to grow
your audienceis
through podcasts.


Which is great news because you love talking
with others and sharing your story.

You love helping others achieve their dreams.
Getting on podcasts SHOULD be easy enough.

After all, there are 550,000+
podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify alone.

More than 27 million subscribed listeners to podcasts in the


You have no clue where to start.


You wonder:


“How do I get in touch with podcast hosts?

“What do I send them?”

“How do I book time on their show
without begging like a whiny little bitch?”

There are over a half a million podcasts available,
but getting on the first one
feels like trying to finish a marathon
when you haven’t run a mile in years.



I know EXACTLY where to start.


I know how to reach out to hosts.
What to show them.

And how to position you as the expert
you are without seeming needy.

In fact, my clients get booked
on an average of 24+ pod casts
within their first 12 months
working with me.

More good news...

You don’t have to figure out
any of this on your own.

I’ll represent you exactly
as you deserve to be represented.
I’ll do all the hard work for you.

You’ve earned it.
You simply show up and speak.
Share your story with the world.
Expand your reach.

Increase your impact.

And, at the same time, 2X, 3X,
hell 10X your business this year!

It’s your time, right now!
Let me show you how it’s done.